House Rules

Welcome to Fab/co. We’re glad you’re here! Before you get to work, check out these ground rules and FAQs.

Be the person you want to work with.

We expect all members of our community, guests, and others using our space to act in a respectful manner, use the space in a manner consistent with typical commercial office building usage, and not perform or cause any activity that is reasonably likely to be disruptive or dangerous to us, our members, their guests, or our property.

Have fun, but don’t be too loud.

Keep noise levels to a minimum and avoid disturbing others who are working. Don’t take calls on speaker phone or listen to loud videos while others are working in the common area. If you need to do something noisy, you are welcome to step outside or duck into the conference room if it’s free.

Help Fab/co stay safe and secure.

Our door has keypad access and remains locked at all times. Full-time members and those renting offices have 24/7 keypad access to the space; do not share your door code with anybody else. If you are expecting guests for a meeting or pickup/drop-off, please watch for them so you can let them in. Any member is welcome to open the door for the mailman, UPS, or Fedex, but be mindful of letting in people you don’t know/recognize. Do not prop open any exterior doors, and always make sure to pull the front door closed all the way when you leave. Please be advised that for security reasons, we may, in our discretion, regularly record certain areas in our spaces via video.

You’re responsible for your guests.

Members may bring guests for meetings, conferences, or other short-term engagements. Any guests staying beyond a short-term engagement may purchase a day pass or a membership. If your business has multiple employees that need to use the space, please contact us for custom pricing. Please note that Fab/co is designed to be a workspace for members and is not a suitable location for a high volume of foot traffic. Fab/co reserves the right to restrict access to guests in the event such access or use of our space violates these House Rules or the terms of your membership agreement.

Nothing illegal or dangerous, please!

You may not use Fab/co to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive activities. Our network may not be used for any activities that could be interpreted as fraudulent, unlawful, harassing, abusive, or obscene. If you use an unreasonable amount of bandwidth, we may ask you to stop. Repeat offenders will have membership revoked. Weapons of any kind, and any other offensive, dangerous, hazardous, inflammable or explosive materials are strictly prohibited in our space.

Clean up after yourself.

Please be courteous and throw away your trash and recycling, wash your coffee mug, and leave the space looking like you found it.

Help yourself to drinks and snacks.

We provide bottled and filtered water, coffee, and an assortment of soda and snacks for our members and co-workers. You are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks, and you may use our refrigerator, microwave and Keurig. If you use our refrigerator or freezer, be sure to label your items and remove them in a timely manner.

Keep an eye on your personal belongings.

Fab/co is not responsible for personal items left unattended in common areas. For those using the common space or conference room, please ask permission before bringing your own furniture, artwork or signage. No permanent desk setups are allowed in the common area.

Be courteous in the parking lot.

Limited space is available in our parking lot. Be courteous of other members and our neighbors by not parking behind or blocking in other cars. Be sure not to block the narrow alley-like space between our building and the Oil Changer next door.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I receive mail at Fab/co?

Members who are renting private offices may use the Fab/co address for their business address and are welcome to receive mail at this location. However, please note that the office is not staffed 24/7. If you plan to have a package delivered, make sure you are available to receive the package. Fab/co does not offer a standalone mailing address service.

Is there a printer available?

There is a printer available on the Wi-Fi network called “Fab Printer” or “Brother MFC-L2710” depending on your device. You are welcome to print small jobs on this printer. Please leave some change in our honor box located by the printer when you’re able for toner/paper costs. Please note that we do not keep toner and paper stocked for large print jobs, and we are unable to troubleshoot your device’s connection to the wireless printer.

What type of internet access is available? 

Internet access in our common area is via Wi-Fi only. Only private office-holders currently have access to a wired Internet connection.

How many people can fit in the conference room?

The room can seat eight comfortably. Due to parking limitations, please contact us if you are expecting more than four guests during your conference room rental so we may suggest overflow parking options.

Do you offer business memberships?

Yes! If your business has multiple employees that need access to the space, contact us for custom pricing. Please note that our space is not suitable for businesses with a high amount of foot traffic or drop-ins.

Do you have computers or monitors available for members to use?

No, Fab/co does not provide any computer equipment. Members are responsible for providing their own laptop/equipment while working in our space.

Is there storage space or lockable drawer space for members?

We do not provide lockable drawers or storage space for members, except for those renting private offices.